Hillary Clinton came out of hiding yesterday to speak at a ceremony honoring Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid before he retires from political life.  Hillary began the speech by poking fun at herself about taking “selfies in the woods.”  The majority of the speech was a tribute to Senator Reid’s accomplishments during his political career and how the two worked together on various issues.  And then suddenly, toward the final 2 minutes of her speech, Hillary Clinton began to discuss a particular “threat” that our Republic faces; one that, in her words, “ordinary people” face.  The threat she continued was “fake news.”  Yes, you read that right, fake news.  Not Islamic terrorism, not unruly mobs in the street protesting a legitimate election result, not even the poverty that millions of Americans are facing in today’s economy.  Nope.  The real threat to you, the ordinary person, is fake news.

I found it particularly interesting that Clinton mentioned the “selfie in the woods” prior to the declaration of the fake news threat.  This is because it has been posited that the “hiking” photo, as well as the “grocery” selfie”, were indeed, fake news themselves, generated by Hillary Clinton’s public relations team (see embedded hyperlinks).

During the campaign, it was evident that the media did everything in their power to destroy Donald Trump’s chances of winning the election.  The media posted unsubstantiated rumors that the Republican campaign was warring with the GOP and Republican National Committee.  They had no problem banning Trump political aids such as Roger Stone, while continuing to besmirch him on air and in print, without an opportunity to rebut the claims.  They also created a narrative about the Russians, and more specifically, the Kremlin, influencing this election directly while offering no direct evidence for the claim.

What the media chose to cover is less of an indictment than what they chose to ignore and how they “treated” the story if they did cover it.  The mainstream media barely covered relevant information to voters related to the DNC Hack, Hillary’s rumored health issues that were supported by her passing out at the 911 memorial, and the Podesta emails covered by Wikileaks.  As a person that followed print, digital, and alternative media during the campaign, I can attest to how the media either ignored these stories for days until forced to cover them OR if they did cover them, made excuses and provided cover for Hillary Clinton.  And now, Hillary Clinton and her complicit media point the finger at conservatives and accuse them of generating faux news.  But why?  What’s the end game?

In the 1990’s and earlier, politicians could control the narrative in the media to a certain degree.  The Clinton’s perfected this “media collusion” technique during their White House years.  Bill, who was accused of serious sexual abuses found a way to avoid most of them.  That is until 1998 when a conservative blogger by the name of Matt Drudge broke the Monica Lewinsky story.  The internet during that time was becoming more and more accessible to households and The Drudge Report attained prominence when it was the first to report what came to be known as the Lewinsky scandal. It published the story on 17 January 1998, alleging that Newsweek had turned down the story.  Matt Drudge ushered in a new era where information and scandals couldn’t be suppressed so easily.

Censorship is on the way in the form of a fake Russian election scandal and fake news allegations.  Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and all of their elitist cronies understand that the internet is the last place for free thought and expression to thrive on a massive scale.  There exists no other platform unless a person has millions of dollars to begin their own print media or network television operation, to project news, ideas, and opinion as fast or as efficiently to every person on the planet.  This poses a threat to an establishment that is hell bent on controlling information in order to win votes or to push legislation that is thoroughly anti-American.  If the public doesn’t get the information they need to judge whether or not a candidate OR a legislative item is in their interest, how can they make a determination how to proceed?  The mainstream media, in collusion with the government, is feeding the public a false narrative and effectively brainwashing those that are unaware of alternative media or are ideologically opposed to its message.  The public stood up on November 8th and gave the establishment a big symbolic middle finger in its election of Donald J. Trump.  It is time for those same people to stand up again and reject this notion of “fake news” and its ideologically charged allegations by creating their own media, organizing boycotts, or through political action.  However you choose to do this is up to you, but there is no debate that it’s time to join the fight.