Trenton is a shell of its former self. 50 years ago it was a mighty industrial city that employed thousands of people. Today, it’s a crime infested city where no reasonable person wants to live.

Compared to the New Jersey crime rate of 2.55 crimes per 1,000 per capita, Trenton sports a 12.6 according to So that begs the question. Why is Trenton so much more dangerous than its neighboring cities?

While there may be many answers such as poverty and a poor public education system one of the concrete answers is that it is a sanctuary city that harbors illegal aliens.

The mayor of Trenton, Eric Jackson, doesn’t want that to change. According to The Trentonian, he said the following about President Trump’s sanctuary city ban:

“We will uphold the rights of all citizens of our city,” Jackson said at City Hall. “We will be sure to protect and provide equal rights and protection to all folks in this city. I think that is what our moral and clear responsibility is to do.”

“I’m going to be patient to do what we have to do, make sure we protect everybody in this city,” the first-term mayor said. “If there’s a federal policy that comes down, my position is going to be, let’s go have a conversation with my legislative delegates and, moreover, because I can go to the White House and have a conversation with them about what does this mean, specifically.”

However, Jackson does not believe any of the city’s federal funding is at-risk.

“I do believe that even with Trump, he understands how important these funds are to sustaining communities and growing communities,” Jackson said. “I don’t believe we’ll get that type of notification threatening in any way.”

Jackson believes that he can negotiate with the White House about their policy. It’s almost as if he doesn’t believe that this administration doesn’t do precisely what they say they are going to do. I’d implore Mayor Jackson to flip on the news or go to google and see the stir President Trump is making. I doubt he is going to modify his order to assuage you and your illegal citizens.