The Democrats don’t understand why they are losing voters in droves. If they would like conservatives to enter into the record a reason as to why look no further than this video. Val Demings, a democratic congresswoman (D-Fla.) made the comment Thursday during a congressional hearing on Capitol Hill, that the U.C. Berkeley riots were “a beautiful sight.”

Congresswomen Deming’s exact quote:

“We have seen demonstrations … around the country. Young people at Berkeley protesting against this unconstitutional order,” Demings said, though the Berkeley rioters were not specifically protesting Trump’s sanctuary city policies.

“But what concerns me,”Demings added, “is … the strain that has been placed on local government, particularly law enforcement, local law enforcement, dealing with an order that is unjust and improper.”

“And so as we encourage our young people to get involved, I thought it was a beautiful sight,” Demings said, again referring to the Berkeley riots, even though the demonstrations were not the result of Trump’s sanctuary city order.

“What also, as we encourage people to get involved, what directions and instructions and how can we have a more organized effort so that they can be a major tool in moving our agenda forward,” Demings added.

Watch via Hot Mess News of the World: