Judge James Robart halted the Trump travel ban this week causing all sorts of chaos in the State Department with the reversing of cancellations of visas. His order goes into effect immediately across the nation.

There has been reporting showing that Judge Robart is a left-wing judge that sympathized with Black Lives Matter on the bench. For those living under a rock, BLM is a racist hate group that has called for the killing of innocent whites and for reparations openly.

Now, there is more evidence showing that Judge Robart is extremely soft on those that break our immigration laws. A LexisNexis search reveals that Judge Robart gave a Mauritanian man only six months in prison after he helped a number of West African immigrants obtain asylum in the US using phony immigration documents.

From the Seattle Intelligencer in 2006:

U.S. District Judge James Robart sentenced a Mauritanian man Monday to six months behind bars after he pleaded guilty to helping West African immigrants fraudulently obtain asylum in the United States with phony immigration documents.

It could have been a lot harder on Souleymane Camara, who lives in the Central District under legitimate asylum status. But Camara’s attorney, Robert Goldsmith, painted a picture of his client as “an incredibly kind, generous man” who sought to help fellow West African immigrants and not to make a profit…

He said that even a small profit meant that provisions of the federal sentencing guidelines should preclude a four-month sentence. He asked Robart to sentence Camara to a year and a day in federal prison.

The Prosecution argued for a longer sentence arguing that the defendant’s actions could have caused great harm to the homeland:

“By his conduct, he was potentially bringing great harm to this country” through providing assistance to asylum applicants with falsified identities, Lang said. “I don’t think he was doing it maliciously, but I do think it was reckless.”

But Judge Robart thought otherwise and decided to give the defendant an extremely light sentence. This is in light of evidence from the Joint Terrorism Task Force who arrested the defendant Camara among known terrorists.

But Lang, with the concurrence of Goldsmith, asked the judge to depart downward from the usual sentencing guidelines because of unspecified assistance provided by Camara to the government. Robart, before announcing the six-month sentence, acknowledged that help.

“I do not view Mr. Camara as a bad person or a dangerous person or one who was motivated by anything but a desire to help other immigrants,” Robart said.

Federal agents with the Joint Terrorism Task Force arrested Camara Nov. 18, 2004. He was one of 14 people picked up in raids at about a dozen locations in the Seattle area. Although none was ultimately convicted on terrorism charges, several were convicted of other crimes.

Evidence gathered by agents suggested that some people in the group were part of a group that conducted “an anti-American training ground for Muslims.

Camara said he had no involvement with the alleged anti-American activities. And Goldsmith said he was swept up in the raids because he moved within local West African social circles.

If this isn’t damning enough, we found another case that where Judge Robart allowed 11,000 immigrants who lost their state subsidized health care back on the plan:

Via Seattle Intelligencer 2011:

About 11,000 people who were kicked off the state’s Basic Health insurance program for the working poor in March because of their immigration status will be allowed to re-enroll after a federal court judge said the state likely had violated their constitutional equal-protection rights.

Judge James Robart, of the U.S. District Court in Seattle, who certified the lawsuit as a class-action case, issued a preliminary injunction Sept. 28, saying that “class members’ need for subsidized health insurance and the proven risk of erroneous deprivation likely outweigh the government’s interest in conserving limited resources.”

Robart also said those who had been removed from the program hadn’t gotten adequate notification from the state, including an individualized explanation of why the state had concluded they were no longer eligible, a description of eligibility requirements so the recipient could submit relevant proof of eligibility and information on the right to appeal.

(Via LexisNexis Search: Ruling lets 11,000 rejoin state’s Basic Health plan;
Federal court decision – Suit filed after thousands removed from program; judge sees rights violation 
BYLINE: Carol M. Ostrom, Seattle Times health reporter SECTION: ROP ZONE; NWThursday; Pg. B1 LENGTH: 637 words)

Judge Robart is obviously a left-wing ideologue that sides with the interests of foreigners over his own countrymen. He has no regard for the rule of law and his latest ruling on the Trump executive order is more evidence of this.