The Justice Department has filed its written arguments to appeal a federal judge’s ruling to halt the executive order on immigration banning seven predominantly Muslim countries. As we’ve discussed, it will be a very difficult and interesting fight for the Trump Administration. Let’s take a look at the judges who will be presiding over the appeal.

These are the three Justices that will hear the government’s stay motion and are expected to rule by week’s end.

  • Judges William Canby – A Jimmy Carter appointee
    Judge William Canby is photographed in his office, Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2015 in Phoenix. The 84 federal appellate court made the difficult decision a few years ago to mostly stop hearing cases after a 30-year career. He was sharp and healthy, but didn't want to risk mental decline that would lead him to make mistakes, he said. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)
  • Michelle Friedland – A Barack Obama appointee
  • Richard Clifton, a George W. Bush appointee

Two of the three justices are left-leaning having been appointed by democrat and highly liberal administrations. The third, a mild conservative, is the sole republican appointment.

They will not rule on the constitutionality of the order but whether the hold should remain in force while those large issues are resolved.

Rest assured they will most likely rule that it should remain in place as this case seems to be guided more by politics than sound legal reading.

If they do rule that the hold remains in place, the expect this to go straight to the Supreme Court where another interesting scenario awaits us. SCOTUS only has 8 out of 9 members and the court is even in terms of ideology meaning that it will most likely return a 4-4 tied vote. In that scenario, the case would be remanded back down to the lower court. If that were to happen it would mean a defeat for the Trump administration.