The Super Bowl is always fun to watch through out because it’s the one time that even the commercials are well written. Usually.

Of course you have some busts. And then you get pure propaganda. I can take the occasional rainbow flag or mega star with a moral imperative. What I can’t stomach is an anti-American agenda.

Coca Cola decided they’d like to run a minute spot singing “America the Beautiful” in foreign languages. And not foreign languages that have emigrated to America for generations like Galic, German or Italian. No no, those would have been too privileged. They specifically chose Arabic, Hindi, and Tagalog. Arabic, the mother tongue of Islam. Hindi because India has a huge Muslim population (18%). And Tagalog because the Philippines, a staunchly Catholic nation, has a fast growing and radical Muslim population as well.

Via Mr Goldstein:

Enough is enough with the globalist rhetoric. Americans are rejecting the globalist agenda and companies like Coca Cola will soon realize this when their sales begin to plummet.