Michael Wolff, columnist and journalist was interviewed by CNN’s Brian Skelter on Monday. The topic was an article he wrote called “The Media Keeps Losing To Donald Trump.” In it he discusses the mistakes the media is making regarding reporting on President Trump.

The media view is that the Trump people are not only mendacious but nincompoops—“alternative facts,” ha-ha. To the media, it is a given that Trump is largely out of control and that the people around him are struggling at all times to save him from himself—and largely failing. This view persists (again in a series of unsourced stories this past week), despite Trump’s victory flattening almost every media assumption about his supposed haplessness and lack of strategy.
It is the Trump view that the media has been so wrong in its predictions, and made to look in the eyes of the public so woeful and ludicrous, that it must now double down in an effort to prove its thesis about the president and restore its honor. (The Trump White House now hammers a persistent theme: Why was nobody fired in the mainstream media for such dunderheaded election coverage?)

It’s a fair read. One the media should study and heed. 

In any event he goes into detail with Skelter about his premise and is extremely honest and self reflective (in terms of being a journalist).

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