Don’t think that the legal case and subsequent ruling against Trump’s travel ban is simply political and intended to keep flooding the Us with Muslim refugees?

From Refugee Resettlement Watch:

You will remember that the Trump Administration gave a reprieve to 872 refugees who were on the way to America as of the date (1/28/2017) of the President’s signing of the Executive order on refugees from all over the world.

Remember also that there is a 120-day pause of the whole Refugee Admissions Program (RAP) and Syrians were completely banned in that EO. (120 days is not long enough in my opinion)

Then when the rogue Washington State judge effectively re-opened the pipeline for all classes of immigrants entering the US, the Dept. of State re-started the RAP (to the delight of the contractors who are paid by the head to place them).

I see this morning at Wrapsnet that we have now passed the 872 (reprieved number) mark and are up to 956 refugees having arrived since the EO was signed.

But, holy cow!

100 Syrians have been rushed in here between 2/5 (Sunday) and 2/7 (early this a.m.) according to data at Wrapsnet!

Trump’s executive orders temporarily stopped refugees and other foreigners with no legal right to enter the country from coming into the country. This ruling by Judge Robart has effectively stopped that moratorium. And now, that the door is ajar, the agenda is to bring as many into the country as humanly possible while the order is being contested.

Refugee Resettlement Watch also shows where they are being placed:


President Trump needs to win this legal challenge. The fate of our cultural identity depends on it.