The Ayatollah Khamenei decided to take to Twitter and go on a rant about President Trump.

The first post was actually interesting as Khamenei blames Obama for ISIS and war in the region. He’s on par with how most conservatives feel on that issue.

February 10th refers to Iran’s missile demonstration. This is an attempt to intimidate President Trump. I say we blow the missiles out of the sky.

Here is the democrat talking point about naming our enemy. Mr. Khamenei, this is our true face. You’ve shown repeatedly that you are an enemy to the United States and Israel. You should not be rewarded for that. You had it easy with Obama. That won’t be the case with Trump.

Another nugget of truth. Yes, we agree.

This is a reference to the travel ban. An essential part of protecting Americans.

Iran flexing their puny muscles. Someone show Defense Secretary Mattis this picture stat.