Pro-life supporters are so unreasonable. All they want to do is tell the truth. In this day and age, we cannot tolerate the truth. The truth must be banished! These people show the truth about abortion at rallies. They have signs that show aborted babies. Yes, it is grim, sad, and disgusting but it is the truth. If we have no truth in the world, then we have nothing of substance. Yet, the liberal left finds the truth unreasonable.  

On the other side of the street, we have the pro-murderers. They will wear costumes of women’s genitalia, showing the enlightenment, and wisdom they have…I guess. If you want to show the opposing side that you are smarter to them, and the truth lies in the murder of an unborn child, then dressing like women’s genitals wins every time. You cannot legitimately win an argument with someone dressed like that. They are enlightening you with the truth. And the truth is, as a pro-abort, when you smack someone in the face with a used “sanitary napkin”, you win. Right? Maybe? Not at all.

Recently, there was an anti-abortion protest taking place outside of a legalized murder den, also known as Planned Parenthood. An argument started between two individuals. While the argument was taking place, some insane feminist, who thinks that abortion clinics should be a safe space for someone who doesn’t want to take responsibility for the human she helped create growing inside of her, ran up to the pro-life guy, yelled some expletives at him, then found it to be a wise, rational, and reasonable to shove a used maxi-pad in the man’s mouth..

Now, you may find that to be disgusting, repulsive, counteractive, unreasonable, and completely un-lady like. Let’s not forget the truth here. The truth is the militant left wing feminists find this type of behavior completely acceptable, and is the sign of a strong, brave, courageous, and independent woman. Actually, it is completely insane. Do you think this is the first time this woman did this to someone? I highly doubt it. However, this is the first time she was caught.

As soon as this woman assaulted the guy, she ran off behind a building in an attempt to get away. That did not work. The police were called and she was arrested.

The left has become spoiled brats over the last eight years. The Big O was a radical president, who put people in the right places to enact his community activist agenda. This allowed the radical liberals to get pretty much what they wanted with few exceptions. Now, since Hillary got spanked – sorry for the mental picture- in this past general election by a man who never held public office, they have become violent.

They have also become cowards. This is no surprise since one of the “values” of liberalism is not taking responsibility for what an individual has done. As soon as this woman- only called a woman for biological purposes- did this she ran away. She did not want to get arrested and face the consequences for what she did to someone who simply did not agree with her point of view.

If you do not agree with abortion, you are a closed minded, woman hating, bigot, or something like that. I get confused at what the name of the day is with those lunatics. However, when they are exposed to the truth of the atrocities, they get mad and scream, then slap you with a Kotex. Who knew that would be such an effective argument against the pro-life movement? Maybe those crazy liberals are wiser than I thought. I don’t know.

I can’t say I am really surprised that a militant feminist carried around a used Kotex in her pocket to use as a weapon for assault. When the police officer wrote his report, do you think there was an option in the drop down box in the weapons category of the report for “tampon/maxi-pad/sanitary napkin”? Just a thought.

Anyway, the truth of this is the militant left feminists really don’t have arguments that are substantial. It has become evident with this attack. They may have even realized this themselves. It is common knowledge that when a person, who has no self-control, runs out of arguments they will start the childish name calling. The next step after the name calling has done nothing is to become violent.

The left has nothing else. They are a miserable group of people, who don’t care about the sanctity of life, or truly about anyone else’s life for that matter. They are only worried about their own. The idea of having an abortion is the epitome of selfishness. “Oh, I am pregnant. Well, that means I can’t continue doing what I want to do. You know this my life, my body, and my right!!”, as they stomp off to Planned Parenthood.

Don’t disagree with them. Because if you do, there may be a crazy liberal feminist just standing around the corner to give you the smack down in the mouth with a used Stayfree.

I am not saying don’t stand up for the lives of unborn children. We all should.

I am just saying be ready to duck.