A story from the Phoenix New Times shows just what we’re up against. Activists who care more about illegal aliens that have broken our laws by dwelling here than American citizens impacted by their unwelcome stay.

Maria Castro held a sign that said, “Stanton: Stand Up To Trump,” as she stood outside Phoenix City Council chambers Tuesday afternoon.

Her message to Mayor Greg Stanton was clear:

Make good on your pledge to protect undocumented immigrants in Phoenix.

Activists like this are staged all around our nation. They work daily to enact Anti-American policies in favor of illegal aliens to the detriment of their own citizen neighbors. And the worst part? They actually are well received by elected officials:

Stanton has promised that Phoenix won’t participate in the 287(g) program, which would give local law enforcement officers the authority to identify, process, and detain undocumented immigrants.

But the city is still subject to SB 1070, which prohibits local law enforcement agencies from restricting the enforcement of federal immigration laws.

It also has its own law, Operation Order 4.48, which requires police officers to cooperate with federal immigration officials.

In other words, Phoenix won’t voluntarily help Trump carry out mass deportations. But if an executive order along the lines of the so-called Muslim ban comes down the pipeline, the city’s hands are tied.

We are facing an epidemic folks. Our own citizens believe that Americans should come second in their own country. And enough of them have banded together to scare city councils and Mayors into going along with their plan.

We must understand that while these people are extremely vocal and active they are the minority. There are more people that are against sanctuary cities than are for them.

If we allow these activists to win and to bully cities into giving sanctuary for illegal aliens we will eventually lose our culture, our identity, our jobs, and our security.