The Boy Scouts of America is going down the toilet. And it is happening quickly. Their descent into the septic tank, or sewer system of liberalism is past the point of being dropped in the bowl from the mouths of liberals- take a guess where a liberals mouth is located. The lever has been activated. The water is swirling, and the feces of what is the Boy Scouts of today is past the neck of the bend in the piping of the toilet. Gravity is pulling the once standard for America into the depths of the fecal unknown.

The Boy Scout organization is done. There is no moral standing within the organization any longer. The last couple words of their creed says they will be “morally straight.” They need to remove that part of the creed, and emphasize they will now “bend to every wish of liberalism, regardless of how twisted it is, how much logic is broken, and immoral it may be.”

Recently, there was a girl, who was not parented by her parent as such, who thinks that she is a boy. She wanted to become a Boy Scout, so they signed her up. When it was discovered that the new member was a girl, she was dismissed for an all too obvious, logical reason. Of course, in typical liberal crybaby fashion, the parents filled a law suit.

I guess the Boy Scouts administration did not really mean what their creed says about staying morally straight. They folded to a temper tantrum thrown by the deranged parents. The Boy Scouts said it was ok, and that she could come back because that is how she feels, and feelings mattered more, than facts. Apparently, having a girl in a tent with other boys in the middle of the woods at night is morally upright. This is “enlightenment” and “education.” Never mind the Supreme Court held the First Amendment right of the Scouts to reject certain people as a private organization, despite discrimination laws.

Do the Boy Scouts really think it will stop here? Of course it won’t stop. Liberalism is out to completely kill all of the traditions of the country as we know it. First the Scout’s allow openly homosexual Scout Masters. Maybe I am too old fashioned, but does anyone else see a problem with this? I mean let’s just take in a few elements. We have the newly liberated openly gay Scout Master’s, young boys, the woods, nighttime, tents, and close quarters. Anyone see a problem here? The counter argument is “well, even if they were still in the closet, then there is a potential problem.” Yeah, I get it, but now that it is condoned, the groundwork for acceptance in other activities is made. Now, we have a mentally abused girl, who thinks she is a boy in the Boy Scouts. What is next?

The news is reporting this child abuse as historic. The only thing historic about this is we are now seeing a new form of child abuse. I don’t know the background of this child, but I see an issue with the parenting. Before you flip out, and tell me that I don’t know what they have done for this child, just know this. I can tell you without a doubt they are not helping this girl by reinforcing the fantasy that she is a boy, signing her up for the Boy Scouts, and then fighting for the “right” to be in the Scouts as a boy when she is a girl. Where is the help here? All they do is feed into the confusion and delusion. Maybe they started it on purpose, and maybe they didn’t, but they are failing that child. With the Boy Scouts not using their Supreme Court affirmed right to say no, they have lost all credibility with staying “morally straight”.

We have not seen the last bomb of destruction dropped on the Boy Scouts. There is surely more to come. You can see the attacks that have occurred over the years in trying to change the organization.

The Left hates gender identity, even though it is a basic form of human rights. However, I find a strange dichotomy here. On one hand, the Left hates that there are organizations that tend to a certain sex, and should be accepting to all genders because genders don’t matter, according to them. On the other hand, the left constantly says that anyone who opposes their female politicians, or doesn’t pay women enough is sexist, and that gender matters. Does gender matter, or not? Make up your minds.

If you asked me, there is sexism in this. The Girl Scouts weren’t good enough for a biologically sound girl? Why do the Boy Scouts get favored over the Girl Scouts? The liberals are now literally fighting for the right of girls to choose the Boy Scouts over the Girl Scouts. The Left says they want equality for both sexes, but elevates males over females. The Left should be promoting the Girl Scouts as equal, at least, and trying to convince the girl that she should go there because the Girl Scouts are better. But, alas, they are caught between hypocrisy and insanity…again.

The steady decline of an organization, which used to be the foundation of a good man, is wasting away because they won’t stand up to liberalism. The only good thing that can come of this is more cookies.

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