Need to find a protest?

Do you have a desire to advocate for social justice and take to the streets? Don’t know how to find a cause to rally to in your local area? Don’t worry. Facebook is now going to help you do just that.

From Mashable:

WeBot, which launched Wednesday, is a Facebook Messenger bot that lets you easily find protests in your city — no scrambling or tedious searching required.

Facebook users can message WeBot and click “Get Started.” It will ask you for your location, and you can either choose “Share Your Location” or type in your city manually. WeBot then culls anti-Trump Facebook events in your area and matches you with nearby protests, letting you view and join the events, and share them on your own timeline.

First, Facebook announces their plan to eradicate fake news from their marketplace and now they are literally attempting to help people create civil unrest.

Way to go Facebook. It’s just a matter of time before you alienate every conservative on your platform.