Protesters at a public school that Education Secretary Betsy DeVos visited today blocked her from entering the school.

From the Washington Examiner:

DeVos first tried to enter a a school building when protesters physically blocked the stairwell. DeVos and her staff turned away and were followed by a chanting protester who ripped her for her political donations to Republicans.

The protester chanted “Shame!” at DeVos as she got into her vehicle.

DeVos reportedly made it into the building, where she was meeting with teachers union officials.

But after, an advance team going to a southwest D.C. school that DeVos was expected to visit was blocked by protesters.

You have to ask yourself if our kids are struggling due to these radical and immature teachers that commit these kinds of acts.

There is some good news. Some adults do exist within our public education system.

Efforts to block her, however, were condemend by American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten. Weingarten is a reliable Democrat and opposed DeVos’ nomination, but argued in a tweet that her group wants DeVos to visit public schools, and didn’t condone the protests.

Not even a week on the job and the radical left lunatics are already protesting Betsy DeVos. Why don’t you all give her a chance to succeed or fail and then judge her?