It’s beginning. There reports of ICE deportation raids this week. 

First ICE deported Guadalupe Garcia, a Phoenix woman. 

Now we’re getting reports of over 100 raids in the State of California alone.

ABC7 reports

“U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement said the “targeted enforcement operation” resulted in arrests of about 150 who had criminal histories. Of the other 10, five had been ordered deported or had been deported in the past.”
ICE has said that these raids are apart of their normal operations and aren’t a byproduct of any of President Trump’s executive orders.
Arresting 160 illegal immigrants isn’t even making a dent in the problem in Southern California. The Los Angeles Times reports that in Los Angeles County alone there are 1,000,000+ illegal immigrants.

Finally, law and order. 

Watch those democrat voting numbers begin to plummet in 2018!

Watch via GMS AZ: