A New York City School Principal is under fire for an email he wrote to parents where he insinuated that President Trump is worse than September 11th.

From The New York Post:

“I walked the complex inner-city streets of Cleveland during the racial unrest of the 60’s,” he wrote in an email obtained by the New York Post. “I was in rural Georgia when Martin Luther King Junior was assassinated in Tennessee. I watched every moment of the Watergate hearings that led to the resignation of Richard M. Nixon. I watched soot-covered New Yorkers grimly trudging north on West End Avenue on September 11, 2001. I am more troubled now.”

To put this in perspective, remember that 3,000 people perished on that day. This principal is saying that Trump is eviler than the 19 Radical Muslim Terrorists that attacked our nation that day.

What an outrage. Do you think the Principal should be fired for his comments?