Want proof that the liberal media has gone completely insane?

Mic, a millennial website, has published an article addressed to illegal aliens entitled “What to do if ICE knocks on your door and you’re undocumented.” The article is a best practices guide on how to engage with ICE and law enforcement should they come looking for you.

From Mic:

Have a lawyer ready

Have the phone number of an immigration attorney handy. If you encounter an ICE agent, call your attorney. Don’t sign anything without speaking to your attorney.

Know your rights

If ICE agents knock on your door, don’t open it unless they have a warrant issued by a court and signed by a judge. A warrant signed by a DHS or ICE employee isn’t enough. Ask them to slip the warrant under the door to be sure. Make sure the warrant names a person at your address and/or areas to be searched. If they don’t have a judicial search warrant signed by a judge naming a person at your address and/or areas to be searched, keep the door closed and say, “I do not consent to your search.”

Avoid resisting and be truthful

If agents force their way in, remain silent and don’t resist. Don’t lie or present them with false documents. Giving them a false name will make it harder for your attorney, friends or family to find you later.

Keep records

Record the incident, if you can. If not, take down the officers’ names and badge numbers.

A well known liberal news publisher giving instructions to law breakers. That’s what our media has come to today?

What’s the next article?

“Murder someone? Six simple ways to avoid the death sentence!”

The left values everyone except for white working-class Americans. Criminals included.