CNN at this point is an advocate for illegal aliens. In the piece below, they document a church in Chicago that is harboring illegal aliens. It’s sad and serious. Anyone with a heart can’t help but feel sympathetic for these people that are being oppressed, right? Ehhh… Anyone with a brain understands that they broke the law and need to go. 

CNN goes out of its way to depict Guadalupe Garcia, an illegal deported last week as a “non violent” alien. What an amazing choice of words! She’s a known Social Security criminal that was convicted. Why didn’t they mention that? 

It’s because this is all political to them. They want illegals roaming our streets, competing with Americans for jobs and committing crimes. It’s the same reason why they didn’t cover any of Obama’s deportations in 8 years. He’s a liberal Democrat, therefor he’s untouchable.

From CNN: