An illegal alien was arrested for having sex with a clint’s dog. No, that’s not a joke. Or a misprint.

From The Sun

Cruz Barrera-Lugo, 61, is charged with bestiality after he was accused of “participating in a lewd sexual act” with a family’s pet pooch.
Police were called to a home in Atlanta, Georgia, where they met with the homeowner who told them he was playing with his nephew outside when they saw the suspect with their dog.
When he realized he’d been caught, Barrera-Lugo stopped and fled in his black pick-up truck, said cops.
The landscape gardener is believed to have worked on the man’s lawn every two weeks for nearly a year.
Checks on a surveillance video showed the alleged dog-romp was caught on tape.
Officer Deon Washington said: “It is unknown whether or not this was the first time this happened or if it had been an ongoing occurrence.”
He added: “This is an especially disturbing case for many reasons.”
The New York Daily News reported:
Barrera-Lugo has been charged with bestiality and cruelty to children.
The suspect’s last name is listed in jail records as “Barrera-Lugo.”
Previous information distributed by Gwinnett County police gave his name as Barreralugo.
He was being held without bond. It’s unclear whether he has an attorney.

Look, I know crazy people come in all shapes, sizes, nationalities and cultures, but for the love of god, can we stop importing other people’s crazies?

Don’t we have enough of our own?