Another Mayor is joining the fight against President Trump’s policy on Sanctuary Cities. Adrian Mapp, Mayor of Plainfield NJ has void to fight the President and to protect non-citizens; aka people he is not sworn to protect. He’s joining the leadership of Newark, Trenton, and others in disobeying Federal law.


“Given the president’s xenophobic campaign rhetoric and the news of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) actions around the country, the City of Plainfield will be implementing clear policies to assure all residents that the role of city officials and local police is to serve our communities and we will not facilitate Trump’s efforts at mass deportations,” Mayor Adrian Mapp said in a statement.

Plainfield’s council resolution says the city will defend worker protections, like earned sick days, regardless of immigration status and will continue its municipal identification program that gives photo ID cards to any resident. The resolution also says the council opposes any government registry based on religion or national origin.

“We’re calling on more towns to follow Plainfield’s example, and we’ll keep up the fight to make the entire state of New Jersey a sanctuary state,” he said.