Rob Reiner, the man who was accurately labeled “meathead” in the 1970’s is showing why the term fits today.

Reiner went on MSNBC with Joy Reid to talk obsessively about President Donald Trump and this overblown Michael Flynn call with the Russian Ambassador. Reiner and Joy exchanged conspiracy theories about President Trump to one another and talked about his impeachment. Impeachment? For what?

I any event, Reiner calls for more astroturfed activism and he is asking the press to cover Trump harder. Is that even possible? Reiner also brings up that Flynn should have known he was being recorded, but leaves out a huge part of that detail. Flynn, being a man in government for over 30 years, also knew that it’s illegal to record American civilians without a proper warrant! Why isn’t Reiner concerned that an American’s right to privacy was violated and then LEAKED with the sole purpose of hurting him and the incoming administration?

Watch via Hot Off The Press: