Remember the guy that worked for Clinton and set up her email server? Bryan Pagliano for some reason was given immunity by the DOJ for his cooperation in the Clinton case. A case that produced no convictions and exhonerated Ms Clinton twice.

Well he’s not off the hook that easily yet. From The Daily Caller:

Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz, the Republican chairman of the committee, asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions in a letter Thursday to convene a grand jury to pursue charges against Pagliano in the matter.

“The authority to compel witnesses is integral to Congress’s and the Committee’s investigative powers,” Chaffetz stated in the referral.
“Allowing Mr. Pagliano’s conduct to go unaddressed would gravely harm Congress’s ability to conduct oversight. This letter details the Committee’s significant efforts to work with Pagliano and his attorneys to avoid the necessity of a criminal referral — including giving Pagliano a second opportunity to show up after first failing to appear.

And the Democrats who seemed to love investigations this week when they pertain to Donald Trump’s cabinet immediately complained:

Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings, the ranking Democrat on the committee, criticized his Republican counterpart for pursing the Pagliano case.

“Apparently, Chairman Chaffetz and President Trump are the only two people in Washington today who think we should still be investigating Secretary Clinton,” Cummings said in a statement.


“The Oversight Committee can’t afford to be distracted by political vendettas against Hillary Clinton while our constituents are begging us to conduct responsible oversight of President Trump.”

This is the man who set up an illegal server and most likely handled top level classified information by doing so and the Democrats still want to protect him.

Have you seen a bigger bunch of hypocrites?