The media has a way of magnifying and echoing reality in a way that makes it seem bigger than it really is. That’s true in this next case.

While the media attempts to illustrate a narrative to you that all minorities resist Donald Trump’s policies, the REALITY is that it just isn’t true.

From the Washington Examiner:

Hispanic voters support President Trump‘s new focus on deporting illegal immigrants with criminal records and punishing some 300 cities that grant “sanctuary” to undocumented criminals, according to a new poll.

The survey for Secure America Now found that 56 percent of Hispanic voters approve of deporting criminal illegals. Some 31 percent don’t.

What’s more, they back the president’s executive order to end the Obama administration’s “catch and release” policy at the border.

Over all in the McLaughlin and Associates survey, 69 percent of all voters back the president’s plans.

These are astounding statistics. 56% of Hispanic voters support Trump’s policies and 69% overall, regardless of ethnic status do as well.

So why does the media make it seem like the Trump administration is out of touch with it’s policies? It’s because they are part of the establishment and want the status quo to remain.

Trump supporters have the numbers and shouldn’t be fooled by media tricks.