ISIS uses many different methods to recruit prospective members. We hear stories all the time about Twitter and other social media platforms that fall victim to their recruitment efforts. Now, they’ve taken it to a whole new level.

From The Week Magazine:

ISIS runs a number of schools and has developed its own curriculum, including a colorful app to teach very young children their letters while introducing them to weapons of war. Instead of “A is for apple,” the app explains that “B is for Bunduqiyya (gun),” “D is for Dababa (tank),” and “S is for sayf (sword).”

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From The Cable:

Experts say there is a tactical purpose behind the pedagogy. “There’s a need to physically and mentally prepare children to be the ‘next generation’” of fighters, said Mia Bloom, terrorism expert at Georgia State University told Foreign Policy. “It exposes the children to violence in a routine and daily fashion so it ceases to be shocking and normalizes violence,” she said.

This is a sick group of people. Their goal is to radicalize children from an early age to be jihadi’s. They will employ any method to achieve their goals and this is exactly why a travel ban is needed.