St. Joseph’s University Communications professor David Parry made some eye-opening statements this week. In a class full of students he said the following:

I am not sympathetic to the white voters who make over $50,000 a year and said that ‘We are going to vote for Trump.’ Those people I am not sympathetic to, and I do not believe that you have to open your heart to them. If you are a person of color in this room, if you are a woman in this room, you do not have to open your heart to them.

People are going to die because of what happened. And if we don’t start there, we cannot have a conversation. People’s lives are on the line now, and it’s time we get real about that.

This prompted Fox & Jesse Watters to pay the professor a visit. Of course, he wouldn’t defend his words. He basically ran away and hid.

Should the University punish him for his comments?

Watch via Fox News: