Folks, we all know MSNBC is a joke of a network, but the Alex of that joke has to be RINO Joe Scarborough. This is a man that pretends to be a conservative because he was part of Congress when Newt Gingrich was able to armlock Bill Clinton into the “Contract with America” legislation. Joe, give it up, the people know you’re a fake.

Exhibit A is how his show hysterically and consistently discusses these fake Russian/Trump allegations. Joe SHOW US THE EVIDENCE or switch the subject. Does anyone remember Morning Joe or anyone on MSNBC covering all the Clinton scandals or Obama scandals this way? I sure don’t.

But then Joe crossed the line on this latest segment referring to Trump’s statement calling the media the “enemy of the American people” “Mussolini-like.” That’s just outrageous.

These McCartyite tactics will not succeed. These allegations are just that.. allegations. I’ve seen nothing released by the intelligence services, the FBI, or the DOJ that would demand an investigation. It’s been unnamed sources and closed door meetings. Complete nonsense.

As for Joe, you’re a joke of a journalist.

Watch via MSNBC: