150 or more headstones were damaged in a Jewish cemetery at the University City north of St. Louis. The investigation is still ongoing.

KSDK reported:

UNIVERSITY CITY, MO. – Vandals damaged over 150 headstones at a Jewish cemetery over the weekend.

The damage is at Chesed Shel Emeth Cemetery at Olive and Hanley. Police said the damage took place over the weekend.

Some family members drove to the cemetery Monday evening to see if their loved one’s headstone was toppled, but the cemetery was closed.



Kiya Edwards, a morning show reporter with KSDK, provides a close-up look at the damage.

So why are we reporting on this? Becuase Hillary Clinton decided to chime in on the event and call out President Trump over it.

So let’s analyze this. Hillary Clinton was silent during violent riots that were conducted in her honor. She then goes out and encourages other protests like the Women’s March which left D.C. covered in garbage.

Now she has the nerve to demand that President Trump, who had nothing to do with this event, speak out on it?

Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are going to continue to be political. This is a trap that Clinton is setting up. If Trump speaks on it, he and his supporters will be perceived to own it and if he doesn’t speak on it, he will be called an “Anti-Semite.” This is the new charge the media and Democrats are trying to pin on our President.