Steve Bannon, President Trump’s top strategist was at CPAC today. He and Reince Priebus discussed what the administration plans to do and their philosophy going forward. Watch

National Security/Sovereignty, Economic Nationalism, Deconstruction of the Administrative State. This is the grand philosophy for the Trump Administration. Bilateral deals as opposed to multilateral deals and American workers first. This is music to the ears of Trump supporters.

Reince explains how Trump has brought together the conservative movement and the Party (an admission that the party isn’t conservative). In any event, he has a point. Trump was able to consolidate the players involved to work for the American people.

Bannon also talks about how the media lied about the campaign and then cried on the 8th of November. Burn.

Bannon finally calls for conservatives and more importantly Americans to hold him and the administration accountable. Something you’d never hear out of an establishment adminstration.