CPAC had a rare guest in attendance this week. Ed Schultz, once known for hurling fire bombs at conservatives from his MSNBC show “Ed” participated in a panel at CPAC. That’s not all, apparently, he’s a Trump supporter.

He made some really interesting comments in defense of Donald Trump and the Russian conspiracies to the media yesterday. He also loves Trump on trade (which is why he supports hi I’d guess).

From CNN Money:

On Thursday, he will participate in a panel on trade at the Conservative Political Action Conference — a gathering he once compared to Nazi Germany.

Schultz, now a host for the Russian-backed media outlet RT, didn’t understand why that’s confusing.

“I don’t know why people are making a big deal out of this,” he said in a video on his website this week.

Schultz opened the panel by dismissing Democratic complaints about the Russian influence on the 2016 presidential election.

“Full disclosure: the Russians did not tell Hillary Clinton don’t go to Wisconsin,” Schultz said.

He applauded Donald Trump, saying the president isn’t “bought and paid by anybody.” Schultz said Trump used “a different vernacular” when communicating with voters and simply “outworked” Clinton on the campaign trail.

“He would do five events a day, she would do two,” Schultz said.

This is proof that President Trump is not your typical Republican. Ed Schultz was as rabid as they come. He got into trouble a couple of times for inappropriate comments about conservatives on both his TV and radio shows. This is the type of Democrat that Trump was able to peel off during the 2016 election. The Democrats that don’t care about bathroom policies or gender pronouns and actually care about manufacturing and jobs.