I haven’t seen an intellectual beat down like in a while. Tucker Carlson takes DNC Senior Advisor, Zac Petkanas to the woodshed over gender identity and its implications.

First, Zac claims sex is determined by ones “gender identity.” That’s a weird answer because gender and sex definitionally are not the same. Therefor one can’t determine the other. It’s like saying your heritage determines your race. It’s just an absurd argument.

Second, Carlson brings up real world examples that transgender policy would surface. Getting a women’s loan, playing on a women’s sports team, or demanding a women’s prison simply by claiming to be a woman. When pressed if there’s a scientific basis to weed these potential abuses out, Petkanas just stutters and has nothing to say.

Petkanas mentions it’s “settled science” but can’t offer one study or scientist to reference. Very embarrassing.

Watch via TaterChipz: