The DNC pick is a nightmare for Democrats. Many were expecting uber-progressive Keith Ellison, a man that represents the Bernie Sanders wing of the party. They ended up instead with an Obamacare relic and republicans couldn’t be happier.

President Trump knows something that the democrats know. The selection was most likely rigged as it signals a Hillary Clinton run for 2020.

Democrat politics have become hijacked by the Clinton camp. She will not allow others to take what is rightfully hers, democracy be damned.

This puts Clinton’s video released on the eve of the DNC selection in much better perspective. She’s planning a run in 2020 and the democrats are stuck with it.

The more progressive side of the party took out their anger on Twitter last night calling for a #Demexit, a reference to Brexit.

The Democrat party is being pulled apart on both sides as the radical progressive wing fights for its life against the corporatist, corrupt Clinton wing.

Who will win? I’m not so sure on their side, but I’m positive Republicans will benefit from the infighting.