When everyone thought Obama was lazy and doing nothing while in office, the joke was on us. Apparently, he was using all of that time to train an army of professional leftist agitators.

Paul Sperry, an American author and political commentator, who’s investigated and written on this said to Lou Dobbs on Fox Business News:

So basically it starts at a training center. These are professionally trained agitators that are schooled in Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” tactics in a program that lasts 6 weeks. And that’s about 32,000 that have gone through that… over 32,000 thousand.” He continued, “They got another 25,000 who are under training now and they’ve got another training summit coming up in March. Aaaand we haven’t seen the worst of these protests yet. These are really going to hit hard.” Sperry went on, “Obama is the guy that is behind all of this. He’s the mastermind. If you look at his website, down in the little print… 2 organizations listed, “Organizing for Action” and the other is the “Obama Foundation. Eventually he wants to merge them and if they can get the DNC which Obama wants to get his guy Tom Perez, this radical chief he had in the helm at the DNC, you get this all together and they get the proprietary database of the voters from OFA… you get the email list of millions of Obama supporters, and you get the donor list and then you have a “super structure and that’s going to be a formidable organizing infrastructure.”

Not good folks. A past president is using his time, money and influence to rig the DNC and begin a soft coup against the acting president. Watch:

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