There’s a leak in Washington D.C. and the Trump Administration is desperately attempting to plug it.

Journalist and Twitter personality Mike Cernovich of believes he has uncovered the source.


Obama holdover David Laufman is the source of the national security leaks, Cernovich Media can exclusively report. David Laufman, Chief of Counterintelligence, has all classified information regarding espionage pass by his desk.

The leaks have wrongly been blamed on the FBI, sources tell me, leading to a morale issue with the agency.

“The FBI prides itself as being seen as apolitical,” one source told me, “and are frustrated that they are being accused of playing politics.”

“DOJ has been completely politicized by Obama’s appointees,” a member of the intelligence community informed me, “leading to major conflicts with the FBI.”

Everyone thought that the leaks were coming from either the FBI or from Trump’s cabinet (Reince Priebus), but apparently, Cernovich has found the leak in the Department of Justice. Additionally, he is reporting that the “deep state” is “pulling” security clearances from all Trump supporters in government as a way to consolidate their power and keep Trump’s people in the dark.