The media and the Democrats went stir crazy this week when a picture of Kellyanne Conway taking a picture of President Trump and black leaders while on the couch surfaced. Democrats thought it was improper of Kellyanne to be so cavalier in the White House. They must have forgotten about all the photos out there with Barack Obama with his feet on every piece of furniture.

In any event, being upset about decorum or respect is one thing. Attacking Kellyanne in a sexually perverse way is another. Particularly when you are the party that claims to champion “women’s rights.” In a scathing attack, Congressman Cedric Richmond (D-LA) was quoted by IJ Reviews Benny Johnson as saying about Conway “Y’all seen that photo of Kellyanne Conway on couch? She looks familiar in that position.”

An amazingly disrespectful and sexist comment. It borders on sexual abuse. If a Republican had said this the liberal media and the Democrats would be calling for a resignation or an apology.