This might be the biggest economic boom we’ve seen in modern history. The Dow and other markets have hit all-time highs multiple times since President Trump has been elected. The mainstream media doesn’t want to cover it, but it’s such an anomaly that they have to.

The Washington Post just released the graph below comparing Trump’s “post-election stock surge” compares with other Presidents.  It’s not even close!

From Washington Post:

So how good have things been? Pretty good indeed.

Since Election Day — or, actually, since a day or two before Election Day — the Dow Jones industrial average has been pushing steadily upward. There was a strong run in the spring of 2016, too, but since Nov. 8, the increase has been fairly dramatic.

How dramatic? As we’ve noted before, it’s second only to the surge experienced after the election of Herbert Hoover.

This is why you’re seeing constant talk about meaningless Russian phone calls and meetings. The globalists are terrified that a Trump presidency means economic dominance for the United States. It’s the last thing they want to see after decades of purposefully running America into the ground.

Do you think Trump can keep the markets booming?