CNN is again being called fake news. This time by Indians after they published a false claim about an Indian city called Varanasi.

DNA reports:

On a day that Varanasi was the centre of attention as PM Modi, Akhilesh Yadav and Rahul Gandhi campaigned there for the Uttar Pradesh state elections, it was also getting attention online. On Saturday, Indians slammed CNN on Twitter for posting a preview of a video for Reza Aslan’s show called Believer in which they termed Varanasi ‘the city of the dead’.


Indians slammed CNN On Twitter for their ‘ignorance’ and claimed that US President Trump’s ‘fake news’ jibes weren’t off the mark. Here are some of the tweets:

This is coming off the heels of CNN being banned from Venezuela for making up stories.

CNN is also being sued for fake news claims and it’s being reported the suit just moved forward.