Hawaii Attorney General Douglas Chin is callangimg the new Trump executive on immigration. In a 40 page brief, Chin explains his reasoning as follows.

Local10 reports:

In a statement, Hawaii attorney general Douglas Chin said the filings ask the court to declare sections 2 and 6 of Trump’s executive order contrary to the constitution and federal law.
“Sections 2 and 6 of the March 6, 2017 Executive Order violate the Immigration and Nationality Act by discriminating on the basis of nationality, ignoring and modifying the statutory criteria for determining terrorism-related inadmissibility, and exceeding the President’s authority under the Immigration and Nationality Act,” Chin said in a statement.
“The new executive order is resulting in the establishment of religion in the state of Hawaii contrary to its state constitution; it is inflicting immediate damage to Hawaii’s economy, educational institutions, and tourism industry; and it is subjecting a portion of the state’s citizens to second-class treatment and discrimination, while denying all Hawaii residents the benefits of an inclusive and pluralistic society,” attorneys for the state argued in court filings.
“The executive order means that thousands of individuals across the United States and in Hawaii who have immediate family members living in the affected countries will now be unable to receive visits from those persons or to be reunited with them in the United States.”

Chin went on further to discuss Hawaii’s history of “nondiscrimination:

“The entire history and culture of Hawaii is based upon nondiscrimination either in its constitution as well as its laws,” Chin told CNN affiliate KHON.
“Hawaii has 20% foreign-born residents and 100,000 people who are not citizens as well as 20% of our workforce that are not foreign born.”

This is political correctness run-amok folks. The notion of putting the feelings and rights of non- Americans ahead of the security of American citizens is insulting. Pre-1960, this argument would have never even been considered, but we now live in an age where EVERYTHING is more important that the the people of the United States and their rights. This AG out to be ashamed of himself for this political decision.