Despite multiple unnamed sources in the NYTimes, Washington Post and other liberal sources quoting Obama officials and intelligence service people that Trump Tower was indeed under surveillance and a FISA court approached for such, Mitch McConnell is joining Democrats in his stance on Trump’s Wire Tapping claim… There is no evidence.

Washington Examiner reports:

“There’s no evidence of that – I’ve not heard that before,” the Kentucky Republican said during a Politico Playbook Thursday morning interview.
However, McConnell also said Trump’s claim, which the Obama administration has furiously denied, is an “appropriate subject” for the Senate Intelligence Committee to investigate.

Trump supporters need to realize that Republicans are just as much the enemy to Trump as the media or Democrats. In fact, they may be more dangerous because they are close to the President and are masking their true intentions.

I hope in 2018 the people vote out the entire remaining establishment and send a clear message that the people have had enough and are with President Trump.