Nancy Pelosi, speaking to a group of people declared that if Hillary Clinton would have won, “I would have been gone by now.”

Pelosi shares the reason she didn’t retire. Obamacare. She sees it as a “pillar” alongside of Social Security and Medicare for “health and exonomic security.” 

Essentially, as we all know, Obamacare is the ultimate socialistic policy that will ensure the establishments power in perpetuity.

If beaurocrats control your health care then they can justify controlling what you eat, where you go, and what activities you conduct. They will argue that since the government pays for your healthcare, they have an interest in managing you as a person. They will tax and regulate us to death.

Watching Trump dismantle their golden calf is unacceptable and so Pelosi and other establishment (notice I’m avoiding the term democrats) will fight to make sure it remains.

Trump must repeal this law. The future of capitalism in America depends on it.