SNL has become an out right propaganda machine for Democrats. They provide Democrat politician and ideas protection while mocking Coservative leaders and values. No example is greater to illustrate this than the way they depict Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama vs Donald Trump. 

Barack is always depicted as cool and calm. Always having the right words and in a position of strength. Hillary is made into a sympathetic and feisty caracature. Who can forget the scene played by Kate McKinnon with Hillary on the piano singing “Hallelujah?” 

Then you have Trump who is ALWAYS depicted as a bafoon, a racist, and a xenophobe. Forget the fact that he won the election and is enjoying record support in many polls. Forget that his policies are supported by a vast majority of the American people. Doesn’t matter. The goal is to dehumanize him. 

In the scene below SNL attempts to make Trump into a selfish and idiotic leader that puts his own interest before his nation. There is even a point in the sketch about 3:30 where Trump calls only 2 black women in the group of soldiers in front of him “aliens” in disguise. A veiled attempt at calling him a racist. It’s disgusting.

Watch via Best SNL Sketches: