Chris Cuomo invited Representative Steve King on to his show today to discuss a tweet that King made yesterday.

Nowhere in that tweet does Steve King talk about race. Nowhere does he say only whites allowed in America. Nowhere does he demean any other race of people. But if you listened to Chris Cuomo and the liberal blogs out there, you’d think that’s exactly what Steve King was advocating for.

King was making a nuanced point. He was highlighting the difference between Western culture (European and American) vs. Eastern and Middle Eastern culture. It’s just a statistical fact that many Eastern cultures don’t assimilate well. Many Oriental-Asian cultures frown upon interracial or intercultural marriages. Additionally, Muslims resist all forms of assimilation and conformity. This isn’t what we should be importing into America. It will eventually transform Western culture and subsume it. It will destroy it.

Notice in the interview how many times Cuomo references race, particularly white race, even though King NEVER utters those words or concepts. Notice how Cuomo won’t even allow him to answer as he interrupts him. This is why the people don’t trust the media. They distort, lie, and then don’t give the victim of their deception an opportunity to answer.