CNN is a progenitor of fake news. That much is obvious. They’ve been caught several times making up facts or distorting the reality of a reported event that it’s difficult to take them serious as a news network.

Chris Cuomo, an anchor on CNN ran a segment last night discussing the new documentary filmed regarding Michael Brown. If you don’t remember, Michael Brown was the “gentle giant” that was shot and killed by officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson Missouri a few years back. Brown, was caught on videotape committing what appeared to be a robbery before his confrontation with officer Wilson. Additionally, CNN and others helped Mike Brown supporters create lies about the case such as the infamous “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative.

This segment on CNN focused on new videotape captured a few hours before the apparent robbery. The filmmaker believes Mike Brown can be seen making a deal with store owners for marijuana in exchange for cigarillos. He and others attempt to explain that this is what Brown came in for the next day, his rightful cigarillos that he bargained for and that he didn’t rob the store.

In any event, it really makes no difference as the alleged robbery is not germane to the case and the reason officer Darren Wilson needed to use deadly force. It was simply extra evidence showing that Mike Brown was a thug and a dangerous human being. I believe this evidence proves that even more. What is really noteworthy in this clip is when one of the guests points out that Mike Brown is a drug dealer (remember, it is the liberal positing the idea that Mike Brown makes a drug exchange in this video) Chris Cuomo immediately retorts, “that doesn’t make him a drug dealer.”

Yes it does Chris! If you barter drugs by definition you are a drug dealer! Just more evidence of CNN attempting to paint reality in their perspective to the public.

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