The Trump administration had a deadline of yesterday to get the Congressional Intelligence Committee investigating both the Russia and “wiretap” claims any evidence supporting their claim. The DOJ, the agency responsible for producing the evidence, has asked for an extension.

This morning, Judge Napolitano reported that Fox News was contacted by 3 independent intelligence sources that President Obama went “outside the chain of command” and used “GCHQ” (a British spying agency that has 24/7 access to the NSA) to spy on President Trump. This is breaking news and if true a real scandal at hand.

The fact that the Administration is being pressured to produce evidence so quickly should make everyone’s antennae perk up. Why does the committee need evidence so quickly? This is obviously not an open and shut case. The methods that the Obama administration most likely used to conceal their behavior will need to be uncovered. This takes time and investigation.

The committee should consider this new evidence and give the Trump administration as much time as it needs. Imagine a criminal investigation of a homicide that was rushed to produce evidence. It doesn’t happen. Investigators know that it takes time to speak to witnesses and uncover evidence.

The possibility of the Obama administration going outside of its own government to hide its tracks is unprecedented. It will now require the UK government to comply with requests from the White House for discovery. That is if they even have knowledge of the act.

What a tangled web we weave. Stay tuned for more updates. Guaranteed the mainstream media won’t report this new wrinkle.