President Trump promised to drain the swamp and drain the swamp he shall. He signed an executive order today that that puts in motion audits of major departments and agencies looking for fraud, abuse, and waste.

President Trump stated the following:

“This executive order is another major step toward making the federal government efficient, effective and accountable to the people. There is duplication and redundancy everywhere. Billions and billions of dollars are being wasted on activities that are not delivering results.”

From Town Hall:

President Trump signed a new executive order Monday instructing federal government agencies to cut duplicative and unnecessary programs across the board. The order is intended to “improve the efficiency, effectiveness and accountability of the executive branch.”

The move comes just days before the president is expected to introduce his 2018 discretionary spending budget on Thursday, which is expected to reflect his infrastructure, military, and homeland security priorities, as well as his rumored plans to downsize other regulatory agencies, including the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Environmental Protection Agency.


These latest action by Donald Trump clearly proves that the government has grown too big with states loosing power day by day.That simple fact is that if trump keeps going with his agenda of less government influence and power, then we have reason to be extremely optimistic about the next 4-8 years.

President Trump is serious about cleaning up the bureaucracy. He’s already reduced the debt by $60 billion since taking office. This measure is sure to drive that debt further downward.

Another area that Trump should look to is working with Congress on creating sun setting laws. This would require agencies of the Federal government to appear before congress after an agreed upon set of years and justify their existence by explaining what they’ve done, how much they’ve spent, and their future plans and predicted expenses. If the Congress thinks they are obsolete or a waste on the budget, their charter is not renewed and they are disbanded. That would go a long way to reducing our debt.

In any event, this is a great start.