This next segment is extremely powerful. Sara Carter, a journalist who is investigating the surveillance of Trump and the general election of 2016, had some very powerful and new information.

  1. A FISA Warrant was indeed issued in October of 2016 that was to “oversee the whole election issue with Russia that had absolutely nothing to do with Trump.”
  2. There was an additional “traditional FBI investigation” into a server at Trump Tower that allegedly was communicating with a Russian Bank. The FBI found “nefarious or criminal” to support the investigation and shut it down after 2 weeks.
  3. It was the media, Washington Post, BBC, NYTimes that used the word wiretap which President Trump borrowed. The real issue is that intelligence and law enforcement were used to persecute a political opponent during an election.
  4. There was a briefing on the investigation to Congress during the election which is how Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton gained knowledge of the investigation
  5. In December, Mike Flynn’s was “unmasked” in wiretapped communication with a Russian official and was leaked by a “Senior US Official” which is a felony (you can’t wiretap an American citizen without a warrant and then leak his name to the public).

All of the above in combination with the information that Judge Napolitano shared earlier today and you can see that there is an enormous amount of evidence and even a timeline.

Watch via News Today USA: