The world tuned in last night in masses when Rachel Maddow tweeted she had obtained President Trump’s tax returns and would release them on her show.

The world thought that Rachel had something substantive. A foreign tie that may prove a link to Russia or another foreign government. A shady business deal that violates the emoluments clause of the Constitution.

Instead, we got 2 pages from President Trump’s 2005 tax return that showed he paid $38 Million dollars on $150 Million dollars income. What a shocker!

In fact, it was a bit of a shocker. A night that looked like it might spell doom for Trump actually made him look great. He paid more in taxes as a rate than Bernie Sanders and Mitt Romney. He also dispelled the myth that he was a tax evader.

And CNN hated it. Watch as a panel on CNN is in shock having to admit it was a great night for Trump before they revert back into conspiracy theories.

Watch via ViralLeak: