One thing the media is NOT lying about is that the Republican alternative to Obamacare is a bad bill. As Rand Paul puts it, it’s “Obamacare lite.”

Many are speculating that the bill will be dead on arrival. Republican members from both chambers of Congress are coming out and declaring the votes just aren’t there.

Paul Ryan, the weasel that he is, is not trying to shift the blame he deserves for a bad bill onto President Trump. He claims that Trump has worked directly on this bill as well as working with the Senate to draft the bill.

President Trump has stated that he is open to amending the bill. And he better do so because this bill is getting bad reviews from everyone, regardless of political affiliation.

The Republicans need to stop worrying about the media pressure and simply repeal Obamacare. The American people, by and large, don’t want government involved in their healthcare. Simply write legislation that allows Insurers to compete across State lines and perhaps set up HSA plans that folks can use pre-tax money designated for health care expenditures.

Holding on to items such as covering pre-existing conditions, allowing children on their parents plan until they turn 26, or taxing Americans for not buying healthcare will raise the cost of insurance necessarily or impinge upon their freedom. Simply let the free market do it’s job and the rest will take care of itself.