Mike Savage, a conservative talk show personality was beaten outside of a SanFrancisco restaurant yesterday evening. Apparently a man followed him outside, called him by his real name (Michael Weiner) in a mocking tone, kicked his dog, and then assaulted him. 

TMZ reports:

We’re told Savage was eating dinner at Servino Ristorante in Tiburon at around 8:30 PM, when a guy started mocking Savage’s legal last name, screaming, “weener, weener.” We’re told the guy threw Savage to the ground, after allegedly shoving Savage’s poodle, Teddy, out of the way. 
The guy who slammed Savage also allegedly punched someone in the face who tried to get in between the 2 men — according to Rich Lieberman at 415 Media, who first broke the story.
Savage and the guy each made a citizen’s arrest … cops came but released both on the spot.

Remember, it’s the Trump supporters that are the violent fascists, not liberals. Even though all the vandalism, assaults, and calls for restrictions of rights come from the left, the media still wants to pin us as the Nazis.