The Washington Post, perhaps the most dishonest media publication on the planet, published an article today and then quickly changed the head line. The article was about illegal immigrants cancelling their food stamps in an effort to evade Immigration & Customs Enforcement.

Here’s the reason…  The Washington Post forgot that they and other liberal publications have peddled the myth that illegals don’t use welfare! They argue that because the law says they can’t, ergo they don’t.

From Washington Post (8/15):

Illegal immigrants aren’t entitled to welfare, food stamps, Medicare or Social Security or unemployment benefits. Indeed, they often pay federal taxes and contribute more than $12 billion annually to Social Security alone without being able to collect.

Trump is off base — not just in his extreme prescriptions, but in his underlying beliefs. And that is the most disturbing part of this debate because those wrongheaded assumptions are shared by pretty much the entire GOP presidential field.

But wait…  their article today proves their own previous article wrong!

Oh, what a tangled web we weave. When first we practise to deceive!