Tom Perez and the Democrats are lost in the woods. They are like a defeated army, leaderless with no purpose or direction.

A leaderless army usually does silly things. It may pillage a town for no reason at all. It may suddenly mutiny or desert. Or, it’s acting commander may give some silly orders because he doesn’t know any better.

And that is what Tom Perez, DNC Chair, and acting Commander of the defeated democrat army did yesterday when he referred to budgets as “moral documents.”

Clearly, a budget is a financial document. It is simply a balance sheet that contains all of the expenditures and revenues within a government. It serves zero moral purposes whatsoever. But that won’t stop the Democrats who want to turn a financial discussion into a moral discussion.

The Democrats don’t care that we are 20 trillion dollars in debt. They want to continue borrowing and spending the money that we don’t have on things that we can’t afford. It’s the reason they will continue to lose elections. It’s the reason they are a defeated army.